Maximizing Facebook’s Potential

In this article, we’ll go over a handful of tips that you can use to maximize your Facebook marketing potential, both for your brand or your business. Without further ado, let’s get right into it


1. Create a Facebook page that will truly represent your brand

t’s as easy as signing up for your personal account! Facebook page is designed to bridge your brand to your customers while giving them the opportunity to share your content with their community. Your Facebook page shall be an extension of your website and/or your brand. By creating a Facebook page, you can now directly interact with billions of users and potential customers.

When creating your Facebook page be sure that it will truly convey the message of your organization, be it for a charitable cause or for marketing promotions. Your page should paint a clear picture of what your following can expect from your brand and how it differs from other competitors. This page should best reflect who you are, who you want to be, and who people perceive you to be.

Use the profile picture and cover photo wisely. Just like a logo, this will serve as a foundation of your brand. These are the two main sections that will catch your visitor’s attention. You want your audience to stay interested, get involved, and leaves them wanting for more. Remember, this page will represent you in the Facebook community so make sure to make it unique, fun but relevant.

2. Optimize all parts of your page

Explore your Facebook page, you will be surprised how many sections you can actually use to your advantage. Just like your personal page, you can edit your profile on your Fan page. Provide a brief overview of your brand or services. Try to link wherever possible such as sections of “Overview”, “Milestones” and “Page Info”.You can also add a button to personalize your page. This can also be the easiest way to direct your visitors to your blog, website, or another offer.

3. Post relevant topics

To maximize the potential of your page you have to post topics that tell a story. The focus should be on your users and not on your brand. Be it an excerpt from your blog, a brand feature, a simple question, and answer, or a product review, all of which should provide value to the lives of your prospects, customers, or community members. This is a great way to give your following an opportunity to like, share and comment on your post.

Use this as a way to create interactions and buzz. In posting any update or status, always keep your customer’s benefit in mind. It’s about how much value you are genuinely adding to a person’s professional or personal life. Just remember to keep it brief but enticing enough to make your readers want more.

4. Visual content outshines the non-visual content

However creative and witty your status is, people will tend to respond more to pictures and videos rather than just simple text. Visual content receives more engagement than any other type of post. Keep your post to 90:10 ratio, 90% visual, and 10 % text.

You could also embed a video from your blog, this way your audience can get a preview of what your article or offer is about without leaving the Facebook site. When posting a picture or a video, always aim to trigger the curiosity of your audience. Emotions are a sure way to strike the customers’ attention: happiness, gratitude, or even fear.

Lastly, remember to stay on your branding. Not every post can benefit your brand. You may post an interesting visual but people may find it hard to connect it to your brand. This will only leave them disappointed, disengaged and may possibly result in a decrease in likes or interactions.

5. Fire up your exposure by giving away incentives

Why not give your audience incentives to keep your following engaged and at the same time increase your exposure in the Facebook community? Features such as discounts, contests, reward programs, and giveaways can be perfect incentives depending on your target market. Providing them a chance to win a prize will definitely drive a ton of clicks that would result in an increase in your overall brand awareness.

Incentives, when promoted properly, will also increase brand loyalty and customer longevity. Just make sure to make your contest or giveaway mechanics as simple as possible. Making hard-to-follow rules or instructions will do more harm than good as people usually become turned off by complicated mechanics.

6. Share! Instead of posting directly, try sharing your page first

Brand pages tend to have limited visibility so try sharing it to your page then re-share it to your personal page. Also, using hashtags is one way to share your Facebook content. These hashtags are not only for your Twitter and Instagram posts. These are also great tools to use in searching for content in Facebook groups and increasing your visibility.

You can also breed potential sharing opportunities by extending your network.  A great example would be sharing other people’s content on your page. This may sound ridiculous but nowadays more and more people are sharing each other’s content because after all, social media is all about sharing.

7. Facebook Advertising and Targeting Features

Facebook ads enable you to reach specific and targeted audiences. First of all, understand that there are many different advertising platforms available for you. You can choose from offer claims, local awareness, event responses, video views, clicks to website, website conversions, page post engagement, page likes, app installs, and app engagement. Use Facebook ads to increase your website or brand exposure and drive traffic directly to your site or different offers.

Best of all, using Facebook ads doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, you just have to be creative in choosing. Try to use different advertising platforms and assess what service will best work for you. Monitor your results and always tweak the campaign.

8. Start a forum on your Facebook page

Remember when I told you to keep your audience interested? Keeping an active forum will surely boost customer engagement.  It can also decrease your site’s bounce rate or the single-page visitors. Be sure to offer a helping hand to your members and help them discover other useful resources and informational sites. This will positively reinforce your position in the community and will help you gain more“likes” overall.

9. Be visible in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have tremendously gained popularity this year. Human nature dictates social interaction. These days, people are spending more and more time in groups when on Facebook. Groups are a great tool for you to use to interact with others, invite customers and subscribers, and even drive traffic to your website or blog.

In other words, the more active you are in Facebook groups, the more exposure you’ll get. In the long run, people will then start clicking through to your profile, your business page, and then your website or other offers.

10. Use Facebook tabs

This is another brilliant technique that will get people clicking on your blog site. By adding a Facebook tab, you can personalize the services you offer to your viewers through Facebook. This is the best tool that a prospective customer can use to explore your brand or services.

Furthermore, not all of Facebook’s users would like to leave the Facebook site, either because they are active in a chat or engage in other activity. If you’re driving your audience to a landing page, or even content such as a video or pictures, sending the users into another tab will solve this problem.